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[To see larger Dragons, click on images below.]

   "Tipsy" The Dragon Poet by Milyn King 2011   

"Tipsy the Poet"


"Coronus the Dragon Sensei" by Milyn King 2011

"Coronus the Sensei"


"Carlton the Future Astronomer" by Milyn King 2011

"Carlton the Future Astronomer"


"Shireen the Dragon Diva" by Milyn King 2011

"Shireen the Dragon Diva"


The dragons above are not new, but I leave them here because they were my most creative efforts for 2011 and they were so much fun. Carlton and Tipsy have 'moved away', but Shireen and Coronus remain to inspire me in future. ( I'm listening. I'm listening...)
Created as a family for the annual Invitaional Miniature Show at the Charles H. Taylor Art Center in September, each piece fits within the confines of a 4.5" cube. They are made of Borosilicate (hard) glass and were featured in the Year Of The Dragon show at Rawls Museum Arts in Courtland, Va in 2012.


SoftGlass Marble MK 2011

Soft Glass Marble PB&Y

I have also enjoyed the exploration of making marbles using both hard and soft glass. I am still seeking a style of marble that is uniquely my own, Here is an early favorite.


What's next?

I don't really know. I am a caregiver now for my mother. She is 96+. For the time being glass and other creative work has taken a back seat in my life. But the studio is still there, and I may get to try some of the ideas floating about sometime soon.

Meanwhile, some thanks: Over the years I have benefitted from study with some wonderful instructors; Kathy Johnson, Deanna Griffin Dove, Jennifer Geldard, Chad Trent, Brad Pearson and more. I am grateful to all and strive to honor their generosity by finding my own voice in my work. I would also like to thank Marjorie, Terry, and Gary for the wonderful spring and fall sessions of HTIM and FOTM in Asheville, NC, that have given me such a creative lift for so many years. You three - and everyone there - are all wonderful!.



SheGlass Display Case at Blue Skies Gallery.

From March 2004, to April 2017 my art was displayed at Blue Skies Gallery in Downtown Hampton.  I am proud of my many years of association with that member-owned premier Artist gallery which featured predominatly local artists. I wish to extend special thanks to former manager/owner Leslie Thayer; you kept the lamp burning, my friend!
I am also grateful to have shown my work at The Charles H Taylor Art Center and the Riverview Gallery in Portsmouth, VA.


  If you are seeking something I have made, or to say hello, please send an email to the admin link below. I will see it eventually. HUGS!

Thanks for stopping by!!

All of my glass is computer kiln annealed. 


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